I kinda love NCIS. And also Bones, as well as How I Met Your Mother. I'm a reader, and at times try my hand at writing, both stories and poetry, though I'm not very good at it, if I'm allowed to say so. I'm fifteen, and am just trying to make my way through high school. I'm the most random person you'll ever meet, I've got people that'll vouch for that. I also sometimes try to draw, not that it ever really works out. Percy Jackson is my favorite book series, be real Rick Riordan is kinda the best, and Harry Potter is a close second. Though if you ask for my favorite book I'll tell you it's Ask the Passengers by A.S.King, seriously go read it. I spend basically all of my time on the internet. Also if you ever need me my ask is open, and you are always welcome.
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